Hekate At The Crossroads: A Meeting of Mind & Movement

October 30, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 11:30 pm
The Crossroads: A Meeting of Mind & Movement

Hekate At The Crossroads: A Meeting of Mind & Movement
In honor of the goddess Hekate, we shall meet at the Crossroads, engaging in a ritual that combines live music, sacred dance, and embodied movement to allow us to see where we have come from, where we are at, and where we are going- individually and as a community. Tempest will present an ecstatic rite that fuses together elements of Modern Traditional Witchcraft, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Dance, Inspired World Music, and Ritual Performance. You will be welcomed to participate at your own level of comfort, no dance or ritual experience necessary.

The Mechanist & The Star Goddess is a dynamic music & dance project with Tempest, Nathaniel Johnstone, and Davis Petterson. They create improvised music and dance on the spot, inspired in the moment – as well songs from the repertoire of the Nathaniel Johnstone Band. The project title/inspiration evokes the exploration of the liminal space between the confines of the precise concrete world and the limitless divine.

Tempest is a world-renown bellydance performer and instructor, focusing on sacred and darkly inspired fusions that pull from the traditions of North Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. She is also an artist, author, blogger, and designer (see www.lauratempestzakroff.com)

Nathaniel Johnstone is a multi-instrumentalist virtuoso (violin, viola, guitar, banjo, mandolin) whose music pulls from myth, fantasy, and folklore with a vibrant sound crosses boundaries & borders, resulting in a blend of multicultural folk rock. (www.nathanieljohnstone.com)

Davis Petterson is an Atlanta G.A. based drummer who has performed and recorded with groups such as The Ghosts Project, Juliana Finch, The Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult, and The Changelings.

Project Website: http://nathanieljohnstone.com/tm-tsg.html
Project FB Page: http://fb.me/TheMechanistandTheStarGoddess

7:30pm: Doors
8:00-8:45pm: Live Music with The Mechanist & The Star Goddess
9pm-10:00pm: Hekate at the Crossroads (Ritual Experience) (doors will close for ritual space at 9pm)