Ra-Hoor-Khuit Night

April 10, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Alombrados O.T.O.
3151 Dauphine Street, New Orleans, LA 70117
United States

“Beware! Hold! Raise the spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit!
Now let it be first understood that I am a god of War and Vengeance. I shall deal hardly with them.”

Join the Alombrados to celebrate the third day of the writing of the Book of the Law, and participate in our ritual without fear!

“Worship me with fire & blood; worship me with swords & with spears.”

Please bring your sword, spear, or other weapon of choice; please refrain from bringing extremely sharp edges unless you keep it in a sheath. The entire congregation will have weapons, so please mind the safety of both yourself and others. If you do not have a weapon to bring, the Alombrados will have a small supply of weapons for the occasion.

We encourage you to bring food and drink befitting Ra-Hoor-Khuit for a post ritual feast.

“There is splendour in my name hidden and glorious, as the sun of midnight is ever the son.
The ending of the words is the Word Abrahadabra.”